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vasarol egy kiskutyat

Vásárol egy kiskutyát

If you are interested in buying a Labrador puppy first decide which sex you want, either dog or bitch, then decide which colour you want, Black, Yellow or Chocolate (if it is Chocolate, never buy a puppy from a Chocolate and Yellow mating).

Ask the person selling the puppies if they are Kennel Club registered, if not do not buy, ask if the parents are Hip Scored and what is the score, this should be a low score for both parents i.e. 8.8 or below and ask if the parents are Eye Tested and the date of the test.  If they cannot tell you don't buy, and most of all ask to see the mother and puppies together.  Never buy if you cannot see at least the mother as this could be a dealer.

A reputable breeder will let you see the puppies at about 4 weeks old but will not let you handle them due to infection.  The puppies should be happy and feeding and not going into a corner to hide.  Don't be frightened of saying no.  The more you see the better chance you have of picking the right puppy, remember it is for life.  Some people like to buy 2 thinking they will keep each other company, the only company they require is you and your family, I will never sell 2 puppies together.

When you collect the puppy you should receive the Kennel Club registration form signed by the breeder and dated, also details of when and what worming the puppy has had so that you can inform your Vet when the puppy goes for it's inoculation at about 8 weeks of age.  The puppy should go to the new owner at about 7 weeks of age.

I would suggest you insure the puppy and also have it micro-chipped by your Vet.

Here are a few suggestions regarding your new puppy.

Do not let children pick up the puppy and drop it. 

Do get the children to get down on the floor with the puppy.

Do not let the puppy go up and down stairs.

Do not let your puppy jump in and out of the car. 

Do lift the puppy in and out of the car.

Do not let the puppy be on a slippery floor or rugs.

Do not over exercise your puppy. 

Do remember 1 year in a puppy's life is equivalent to 7 years of a child's life.